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Could You Own A Long Haired Akita?
Akita Ownership

Longcoat Akitas have a reputation for having excellent temperments, they are known for being more laid back than a short coat Akita. Unfortunatley their beauty is not highly looked upon in the ring.
A longcoat Akita is know to be a fault within the ring, therefore is not to be bred from and are usually found in loving homes on a pet basis only. You will find the texture of a longcoat Akita, often softer and silkier than a shortcoat. Compared to many medium to longcoat breed, Akitas are a pleasue to groom. Their resilient, odorless coats require no special trimming, and an occasional, but regular, brushing is all that is necessary to keep them naturally beautiful. Long-coated Akitas need regular brushing to keep mats at a minimum. Mats tend to form in the soft fur around the ears. If you like, you can trim off some long-coated areas during summer months. This makes grooming easier.
It has been said that Long-coated Akitas have the best structure under all that fur. They are almost always the largest in a litter with the best conformation to the Standard. It is one reason why it is sad to say they are not allowed to be shown.

Although not welcome in the Showring a Longcoat Akita makes a wonderful companion for any home. Not only are they the most beautiful things you have ever seen but their temperaments are a bonus. Many who have owned a Longcoat would never own anything but a longcoat!

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longcoat akita jotei

Hello! My names Jotei, a longhaired (also known as shaggy haired & longcoat) japanese akita. This is my story...

Born under the official name "Jumping Jazzy Spinning", I started my life with a great family with lots of children, I remember in my pup days the children particularly. I loved them, but I could not have eaten a full one :0) I also remember a cat, Mmmm.. and the opportunity I missed in catching and tasting him!!! My first given "pet name" was Lottie, but was changed to Jotei after my adoption. Unfortunately, within a year, my first family could not keep me due to their personal circumstances and were looking for a loving home to adopt an akita.

Luckily for me, two guys were looking for a new dog to join the pet family. What one of them, Ged, didn't realise is the Great Dane he was looking for, was in fact going to be me, he he ..a Longcoat Akita ! What a surprise he had in store !

I settled in at my new home with Ged, Kevin and my godmother Sam very nicely. It was strange at first - no children and that big garden they had. But Satley, in Durham , a small hamlet where I lived then was like a very, very big garden..very rural with lots of strange animals I certainly had not seen before. And in winter...snow. you have not seen the likes of anywhere!!! Great fun!!

I and the cows had an understanding, they were mugs, and they actually thought I was one of them! They always came to greet me when out on the moors on walks and I had a disgusting habit of licking their noses!

Samantha, a little crossbreed collie and my godmother had been with Ged for 10+ years and she was a bit old and didn't really appreciate me playing with her tail and pestering her - so I was prone to the occasional nip to my nose! But she was a good mentor in teaching me the CAN DO and CAN NOT DO "obedience" rules, we Akita 's definitely need as pups.

I looked at Kevin as my real master and Ged as the mug who would always let me of the huck. But I loved them both! I particularly enjoyed sticking my head out of the 4x4 side window and making rude faces at all we passed!

Puppy days! They were fun! But sooner or later I knew my akita training would soon commence! :0(

I spent a year down Nottingham with Ged & a guy called Russell, he was nice and always called me "Samll Fluffy Dog"..Mmmmm..well he gave me lots of treats, so I did not complain!

Occasionally I have a weekend with Kevin, always good fun - as he spoils me rotten and loves me too ... well I guess... he's only human! But when I have my first batch of pups, he's on the VIP list for one.. and why not.... he's my "step dad" in a way!

My personality is as individual as I am. I can go from being very friendly and playful to (when I am tired) grumpy, moody and dislike disturbance. Mind you when I am out and about, I am ALWAYS happy!! Although I am glad to play with dogs my own size, I tend not to do the same with dogs that resemble the size of my toys (Grrrr) and I always get a ticking off from Ged for it! As for children, small tots make me uncomfortable and I prefer older taller teenagers - I would never bite a child, but I have been known to make them aware to leave me alone!

I do love Nottingham , I must admit..lots of people..lots of attention and lots of, fun, fun! In fact I am thinking of starting my own fan club here, hah mugs! They have been sucked in by the Jotei fluffy teddy bear appearance gets me beer, ice creams and treats of all descriptions! They even let me into some pubs here, all those people under the influence of alcohol... yuk!..but hey..they all spoil me :0P

My latest adventure was taking part in some sort of competition. I know there were lots of other dogs and one of them had a ball, which I was compelled to steal! But Ged gave it back :0( but the ice cream he gave was a welcome replacement!
Well that's all from me for now, I have paws keyboard cramp and more importantly, I see Russell is preparing some food. (..and that means left-overs for me!) so I have a prior dining engagement I am sure you would not like me to miss!
Please do enjoy my website, it is dedicated to all Akita's - UK & worldwide- the akita resources, links & information is always growing!

-X- Jotei -X-

Jotei is a proud member of the following Akita Groups & Forums

AkitaFluff - Jotei's Favourite Yahoo Group
This group is here to discuss our LONGCOATED akita friends and family members. Everyone is invited to join our list. Focus will be for the longcoated akita pet owner. Akita "Fluff" refers to our woolly friends AND to the topics we might discuss. Stories and photo's are welcome! (Please limit the number of photos to 2 per dog as we have limited webspace for them) I want this to also be a place to share tips on health and care of the longcoated akita for all owners. Flaming is NOT going to be tolerated and ignoring this rule will be grounds for termination of your list privileges. Rudeness will also NOT be tolerated. I WILL be watching all posts so play nice! :-) On this list there ARE no stupid questions. I do need to approve new members so we can keep spam off our list. I thank you for your patience with that. We are here to support each other as owners of a sometimes misunderstood and maligned breed. Welcome!!!
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SHIBA4U- Jotei's Favourite MSN Group
Well Sue and the Team from Shiba4U says it all....
Thank you all for joining this group and to help it it grow, from a place a started just to show off my dogs on, as i didnt know how to do a web page, I am happy to report that in the couple of years that this group has been running there has never been a cross word umongst the membership, and everyone seems happy to help the newer ones on the list, with help and advice. On so many other list there seem to be a lot of bickering goes on, So Congratulations to all the members on the SHIBA4U fo being the nice people you all are.!!!! thank you Sue and the Team
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Better Health For Pets
-Very friendly well run forum - do join me there!!

RuffDogsForum - A great friendly warm welcome to all you dog owners is assured - do join me there!

Our Very Own Fun Akita Groups:

When you join - tell em Jotei sent you!! :0)




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