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Whichever operating system you use, here's some handy tips & essential software to make your experience on or offline safer & brighter!
Please feel free to use the links below to clean & protect your PC

Free firewall application from Zone labs Download Movies, MP3, Software FREE with Bit Comet
Free Virus removal tool from Mcafee called Stinger Best Spyware Protection SpySweeper - 30 day trial
Free online virus scan from Bitdefender Safest & best browser out there Firefox FREE
Free Anti spyware scanner from Lavasoft MUST HAVE ESSENTIAL Spyware Protection FREE - Spybot
Free line speed test for your internet connection Free ADSL Broadband Speed Test here
Keyboard Shortcuts From Microsoft Free PC/Firewall Security Test at Shields Up- Check this out!
Remove junk from your mailbox with Mailwasher Monitor your bandwidth realtime with Bandwidth Monitor (Free trial)
Maintain opitimum PC performance with TuneUP Utilities 2004 - 30 day trial Free Worthwhile Utilities here
Free Virus Protection for your PC from Avast! Free Antivirus application from Grisoft



A Good Firewall - protect your PC against hackers & control programs you use access. I have used Zone Alarm now for years with no problems & its easy to use. Find out for yourself - check out Zone Alarm Pro

Virus Protection Software - Email & Online Protection, virus's can kill your PC. Make sure you are protected! I use the BEST OUT THERE..Kaspersky Anti never misses a virus! Kaspersky Anti-Virus Personal now protects against adware Or check out BitDefender free online scanner.

Spyware Protection Software - Spyware is probably the #1 threat on the internet, some harmless some just plain annoying! You will find an abundance of them advertsied all over the net. BE CAREFUL..some are useless...literally..they put spyware on your PC!!!..My recommendation is Etrust AntiSpyWare - one of the best out there!

Update your Windows Operating System - Update your operating System regularly with Windows Update

Keep your PC Clean & Running Fast, my recommendation is Tune Up Utilities 2006, it Repairs, Optimizes, Protects - TuneUp Utilities 2006. Check it out! The one program that actually does what it say on the tin!! Also a free utility CC Cleaner is absolutely, quick & free!

Use A More Secure Browser - Most of us use Internet Explorer, but as its now been around a while and almost 75+% use it..the old faithful is not very secure these days, even with Microsofts
continual attempts to make it more secure. But there are others, try them, they are free & more secure: Among others are Opera, Mozilla Firefox & Netscape. If you want a fun but safe broswer why not try CrazyBrowser

Secure Online Payment Options - The two best for the UK (in my opinion) are Paypal & Storm Pay

Online Auction Shopping - If you have not visited EBAY yet..then you should! Maybe your New to eBay?







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